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  Sir_Boops 50f01151c4
Remove onion links from git and masto 1 month ago
  Sir_Boops 3296738aa7
Remove twitter 3 months ago
  Sir-Boops c9253afe88 Merge branch 'master' of cedric/Sergal-Site-Cedric into master 6 months ago
  Cedric c591f15942
Good Boi Hotfix Update 2 6 months ago
  Sir-Boops 0622d7dde9 Merge branch 'master' of cedric/Sergal-Site-Cedric into master 9 months ago
  Cedric cfec889759
Good Boi Update Hotfix 1 9 months ago
  Sir-Boops c1faca8835 Merge branch 'master' of cedric/Sergal-Site-Cedric into master 9 months ago
  Cedric 4f3c6d6796
Update Good Boi 9 months ago
  Sir_Boops 50175f7357
Don't copy pasta 10 months ago
  Sir_Boops b75bba22dd
Lazy asset fix 10 months ago
  Sir_Boops ede3b0b5ed
General contact email 10 months ago
  Sir_Boops 406e45c23b
Add contact 10 months ago
  Sir_Boops b68c595989
Remove fancy font 10 months ago
  Sir_Boops e2a2f0be3e
Add yiff cdn 10 months ago
  Sir_Boops 94d9322bb9
Update source links 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 678fad64d1
Cleanup mirror page and remove deepin mirror link 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 8ff20eafce Revert "Remove masto onion links" 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 44f218c38d
Remove masto onion links 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 6995eae25d
Add missing h3s 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops b1b9201786
Add all v3 onion links 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 9e7792e8fe
Add v3 onion link 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 7855932ec0 Add git service 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 29440eed18 Add onion link to mastodon 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops f0291776c7 Update icon 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 8469589aae Add a logo! 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops ef75258dd9 Add mastodon link 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 176344e4e1
add apache mirror onion link too 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 2bb0d332a5
Don't copy pasta kids! 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 2c55e82be1
Fix bottom link postions 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 1f50ad626d
Add onion links to mirror.sergal.org 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops decaf13b01
Add onion link and some tor fixes 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops cf99ebd75f
Typo fix 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 8d613f667a
Use proxy to help TOR 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 4d6f3a9728
Remove Void Mirror 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 3381b356cd
Update source links 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops a16821cf42
Remove git server 1 year ago
  Sir-Boops a30dfe46fc Delete CNAME 1 year ago
  Sir-Boops 137e6e9c77 Create CNAME 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 6587bcf2b7 Bye frgl.pw. 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops b0b2770631 Bye bye git.frgl.pw 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 5bf934bbb6 No point of it being a php file 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops e1a07a11a0 Major site update 1 year ago
  Sir_Boops 18d245c0ba No longer track pure via git 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 🤖 77fa71f854 Update 'announce/assets/html.html' 2 years ago
  JimmyBot 🤖 3818ea7fa8 Update 'announce/assets/html.html' 2 years ago
  JimmyBot 🤖 bd4dc1ae80 Update 'announce/assets/html.html' 2 years ago
  Sir_Boops 5d29ce0d24 Update git links & remove dl.frgl.pw 2 years ago
  Sir_Boops 8af3422f42 Added void message 2 years ago
  Sir_Boops 577859130a Fixes 2 years ago
  Sir_Boops a333e82411 Remove push those to the DL 2 years ago